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Our Approach

At Wylie Weddings, one size does not fit all.  Our goal is to let your unique personality shine through your event and let you truly relax and enjoy the day.  We work with you to get to know what you care about (and what you don't!) to make sure that we can be your advocates on the day of the event.  Whether it's through detailed planning, unique flower arrangements or creating special spaces to hang out with your favorite people...we want to partner with you to plan, execute and enjoy!

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Our Story

We started in 2010 as a creative collective of friends who wanted to work together to bring our unique talents to our clients.  7 years later and the goal is still the same--bringing a fresh, personable and fun spirit to the planning of events and making all things beautiful!

Meet Our Team

We have a large team of friends that work on behalf of Wylie working to produce print pieces, design implementation, design vision, floral design, coordination assistance and even an expert bucket and vase washer.  Hopefully we can get some bios of those team members up soon!  In the meantime, here's Katie:

Katie Hund

Owner, Coordinator & Head Florist

Katie started coordinating weddings and events professionally in 2010 (although her mom would say she started at her 9th birthday party).  She then went to floral design school to be able to tap into her creative side.  Mixing creativity and design with practical logistics and the constant drive for efficiency, handling coordination and design is the perfect fit!

Now to the real facts:

  1. Middle Name:  Wylie (hence, Wylie Weddings)
  2. Hometown:  San Diego, CA
  3. Apple or PC:  Apple
  4. Dogs or Cats:  Dogs!
  5. Style Forecast:  I hope it's having dog hair all over your clothes.  I'm ahead of the curve.
  6. Travel Dreams:  Iceland
  7. Coffee or Tea:  Coffee (black)
  8. Karaoke Song:  Regulators by Warren G
  9. Favorite part of an event:  Seeing it all come together and the host's relaxing and having fun!
  10. Favorite Pastime:  Generally things that grandmas do: gardening, reading, puzzles, J

Next Steps...

Fill out the contact form for more details and pricing information and to set up an initial consultation meeting.  Also, make sure to check out our Yelp page reviews here!