Amanda & Pete: Floral Design Santa Cruz MAH

It’s hard to choose favorites, but this one was definitely fun!  Lots of green, pops of white and a beautiful hanging installation over the bride and groom!?!?!  At a non-traditional venue with lots of dancing till late in the night?  YES PLEASE!

This was a beast—but SO MUCH fun to build.  I built most of it off-site and then suspended it (with the help and supervision of my contractor friend, because, let’s face it, I didn’t want to kill the bride and groom on their wedding day…not good PR).

They hosted a cocktail reception at the MAH.  So we did simple greenery and pop of white arrangements on the cocktail tables so there was a consistent theme but still gave you room on the table for your plate and glass.


Bridesmaids all got mixed greenery bouquets.  I threw a few beautiful and fragrant cream garden roses into Amanda’s bouquet.  I loved how these contrasted with their stunning dresses.

Floral:  Wylie Weddings // Photography:  Hayley Anne Photography // Venue:  Santa Cruz MAH