Andy and Jenn’s Wedding

It’s been a while.  I can recap the last few months with a few words:  new clients, rest, glitter, cold, bridal expos, revamping, organizing, dreaming, taxes, family, waiting to see pictures from the wonderful weddings from 2011!

And here is one of them.  This one is a bit special to me because it’s my brother’s wedding!  While this wedding hit in the height of our season (with a wedding 3 days later and 3 days before!), I pulled it together and trecked up to Placerville to throw a rehearsal cocktail party and do flowers for the wedding the following day.  Doing flowers in a town that is not my own is tricky.  I ended up taking over the ballroom of our hotel and turned it into Flower Central.  At one point I went next door to the flower shop and bought out every red flower in the place!

Floral theme:  wild, unexpected, colorful, herbs, baby’s breath…and RAINBOW for the ceremony.

One of my favorite things I got to do was make a special boutonniere for my brother, Andy.  As a lot of their wedding was made up of family pieces that held meaning, we thought that would be fun to carry through.  Jenn’s bouquet was made out of family brooches, some from my Grandma Wylie.  When my Grandpa Wylie was still alive, he had a hobby of finding, shaping and finishing rocks.  When he passed, Andy and I got a few of these–including an awesome bollo tie.  And what is the man version of a brooch?  A bollo tie.  I got to take it apart (to be put back together again) and add a little gold bling that I found at the flea market to make a cool boutonniere that I LOVED.

It should also be noted, that our wonderful DJ, Thaddeus Cortez, KILLED it.  Andy and Jenn were so scared of getting a cheesy DJ and Thad exceeded their expectations.  My family is still talking about the amazing dance party and although it’s months later, I think my neck is still sore.

All photos by the talented Ashley Maxwell.  The wedding was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes here.