Christmas is here with Save-On-Crafts!

I’ve actually had daydreams about partnering with Save-on-Crafts to do some inspiration shoots for a few years now.  Their inventory in amazing and I use their stuff for almost every wedding.  So when the opportunity arose to do a little inspiration shoot for Christmas, you can only imagine how excited I was.   It also gave me a great excuse to clean up my mantel and living room and get my house in the Christmas spirit.

When I asked if there was something in particular they wanted me to craft, she asked for a advent calendar and a topiary.  I looked through some inspiration for advent calendars and realized that I wanted something that adults would enjoy as decor–also something that could be repurposed.  Everyone loves a terrarium with little gifts inside!  Pull off the number covering the hole for each day and open a little treat!  After Christmas, these glass orbs can be candleholders or house airplants and succulents.

Got to do a few DIY projects here—and added those to the finished products they sell online (like these WAY TOO CUTE bottle brush ornaments–who needs to hang them on a tree when they are cute all by themselves??).


 Also dip glittered some clear glass ornaments for a little sparkle.  These cedar roses can be used for everything.  This topiary took me about 30 minutes.  No glue necessary (the roses are already pre-stemmed and can be shoved right into the foam).  Happy Woodland Christmas to you all!  We hope the advent season is filled with hope and expectation for Christmas.  Get crafty and creative and drink some wine by the fire!

Photography by Rebecca Hurley

All products from Save-on-Crafts

Styling and design by Katie Hund for Wylie Weddings