Day of Love

I think I speak for all of the Wylie team when I say that we all love to help others–whether it’s serving our local community or bringing about peace in countries abroad.  Doing weddings is something we LOVE but we want to do more at the same time.  Now I will speak for myself, Katie, in saying that sometimes I wonder what in the world I am doing with weddings and how that connects with my other life passions.  I mean, weddings are AMAZING, fun, beautiful and memorable.  You get to know a couple and help them not just pull off, but actually enjoy one of the biggest days of their lives.  We take weddings seriously, it is a commitment we don’t take lightly.  I find so much joy in standing back and seeing things come together.  It also puts a smile on my face when a family member, bride or groom tells us how much we helped them to relax on their wedding day and how happy they are that their vision came to life.

BUT, when there is an opportunity to use these talents and expertise to serve the community…I JUMP.  Because in all honesty, a wedding is just a day (although marriage is for a lifetime).  The last few days I have been able to donate my time to helping coordinate a “DAY OF LOVE”.  This is an event that my dear friend Kristin (and wife of our designer, Brian) has coordinated at her local church.  It is a day for women in need to come and be REFRESHED.  Everything is free and the whole church has been converted into a “spa” feel (read: mass coordination needed).  There are haircuts (in a cute salon they created), massages, accupuncture, a free clothing boutique (with clothes that I wanted to scavenge through!), brunch, a lounge area, free childcare so the women can relax, free books for them to read/take and free car service while they are doing all these activities.  Ummm….amazing?!?! Everything has been working off of donations and everyone is a volunteer.  We have over 80 women showing up tomorrow morning and there is an amazing team of volunteers waiting to pamper the socks off these women.

It’s times like these when I’m thankful I have the TIME and the TALENT to give towards a good cause.  I think it has taken a while to find my niche for the skills I have.  And….a little known secret….when Kristin and I get together, we are a bit of a powerhouse.  Seriously, we can get SO MUCH DONE it is unreal.

Congrats Kristin (and all the other amazing and talented volunteers).  Thanks for letting me be a part!  [photo from our “Masterminds Meeting” tonight]

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