Dessert Buffet Pictures

It would be really hard to convince me that Amy Billings could get more talented than she already is. And I have proof. A few weeks ago we had the privileged of doing desserts for Meredith and Andy’s wedding in Sonoma. Amy and Cole blew us all away with the most beautiful cakes on earth. Here’s the kicker–they tasted SO GOOD!!!

A few of our favorite wedding guests we encountered at the dessert table:

  • One woman came up and wanted a piece of EACH cake and then a sample of each cookie.  We asked her if she wanted a few forks–thinking that she might be sharing…OH NO… she said that they were ALL FOR HER and that she had given up sweets for Lent.  We didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was still one more day left of Lent (Easter was the next day).  Needless to say, she was one of our favorites!!
  • Another man came up and asked us to list off all the types of cake.  After each one he asked, “is there chocolate in there?”.  Obviously I thought he had a chocolate allergy…OH NO…he said that he ONLY eats Chocolate.  I couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after that one.

We LOVED getting to interact with each of the guests.  It was SO fun and interactive to have choices for the guests to chose from.  They all had such a fun time tasting things and picking out which cake they wanted.  It was definitely a different experience than just having served sheet cake.  We highly suggest it!

MENU:  9 cakes, 4 different kinds:

  • chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate ganache
  • carrot cake with brown sugar buttercream
  • almond butter cake with lemon glaze and italian meringue
  • genoise cake with vanilla buttercream and apricot glaze

And a huge assortment of confections:

  • chocolate.dipped coconut macaroons
  • almond cinnamon meringues
  • salty chocolate mini cookies
  • pecan shortbread tea cookies with chocolate satin icing
  • mini heirloom sugar cookies

photos by Amy Billings–because she does it all.

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