Floral Design School

Katie here.  I’d like for you to meet Phil Rulloda, my floral instructor.  Yup, here he is from back in the day (wearing gaucho pants, snake skin boots and a belt he made out of palm fronds).  Awesome, right?

As promised, I am blogging about my adventures at the Southern California School of Floral Design.  This blog is long overdue and I might not promise you any more–but here’s a recap of the last 7 days:

  • I have made some of the most hideous corsages of all time.  I don’t even want to post a picture with fear that you might think I would make something like this for your wedding.
  • I have learned proper techniques for the tasks that I have been doing for the past few years.
  • I have learned “classical” (not traditional) styling for floral design.
  • I made 3 different sympathy pieces today (floral designs to go on top of a casket).
  • I am SOOO excited to CREATE and use the tools I’ve learned on the upcoming jobs we have.

And here are a few miscellaneous items:  I learned how to tie bows, care for cut flowers properly, suspend orchids from a vase, invert a rose, sit in the back and look like I’m paying attention while I play Words With Friends, price out flowers properly and what the traditional floral designs are.

It’s been great and I can’t wait to blend these proper techniques with the style and aesthetic of our customers (and us!) to create timeless, unique and inspired designs!

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