Floral Fashion Shoot: San Francisco Florist

News Flash:  Sometimes we get do do NON-WEDDINGS!!!  And when I do, I jump up and down because it’s so different and so fun.  This post is about one of those occasions.  Our dear friend Adrea Cabrera is a one of a kind stylist and designer.  She invited us to join a fantastic team of talented folks (see credit list below) to work on a floral fashion shoot.  As one of the least fashionable people I know (I still wear my doc martins from 9th grade…but only when it’s raining and I heard it’s back in now), I was extremely flattered and a bit out of my element when it came to a fashion shoot.  But I’ll just point out the flower techniques and types for the following STUNNING photos:

First, give me a break….these girls are beautiful and the outfits from Bell Jar are gorg.  So they didn’t really need flowers.  I really wanted to stay away from the trendy boho head wreath for all of these–and I also wanted to showcase the hair and use BIG flowers.  Above photo is white hydrangeas and purple anemones.

I called this one my floral yarmulke to be worn as a beret (that makes complete sense right?).  I created a wire base and added Helios garden roses and peach ranunculus to add some unique texture and color blend.  Lots of individual wiring for all those flowers.

This shoulder piece was so fun.  Using magnolia leaves as the base (that I got a friend to climb a tree and get the night before), I added lots of bright colors to the mix:  yves piaget roses, helios roses, ranunculus, anemones and hydrangea.

Luckily it’s spring and the farms have the MOST BEAUTIFUL colored peach ranunculus.  I wish it was always ranunculus season.

So I originally made this piece as a necklace made out of green ball (dianthus)…but this is so much better!!

The romper!  The grass! The perfectly placed Romantic Antike garden rose!

I got to use lots of tricks that I learned in flower school.  The best part is that you can do whatever you want because the flowers only have to look good in the picture.  When doing weddings, i’m constantly trying to figure out how to keep the flowers perfectly open and fresh while not wilting.  And they need to last longer than a simple snap of the camera!

The wonderful team:

Hair/MUA:   Tietjen Fischer
Wardrobe/Stylist:   Adrea Cabrera
Props:    Ashley Ludwin
Florist:   Katie Hund for Wylie Weddings and Events
Clothing provided by Bell Jar SF