Floral School Grad!

I (Katie) am now an official graduate of the Southern California School of Floral Design.  Crazy what two intense weeks can teach you!  I’ve been doing floral for a while, but as I mentioned before, I needed a better foundation.  Well, ask and you shall receive!  I feel like I know more than most florists and am eager to get my hands dirty and work on the upcoming projects coming our way!

One project in particular that we are quite excited at is coming up on April 28th!  Erica and I are able to partner with Community Options to provide floral design and photography at the first annual “Dinner Show and Art Exhibit”.  This fundraiser will benefit this wonderful organization that supports adults with disabilities.  Lynnette is a former MOB (Mother of the Bride) that has worked with us before and we are honored that she invited us to join!  The best part?  I have a blank canvas to work with!  As a floral designer, this is going to be so much fun coming up with all the centerpieces that they will then auction off to raise more money!!

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