Freelancing 101

Katie here.  I just had 6 friends over to the house for what I have called “Freelancing 101” class.  “You are teaching a class?”–well, no.  But it is way more fun to call it a class.  I decided to bring friends together to start talking about the struggles of running a business.  Tonight, the topic was “WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?”  Seriously, as a designer, this is one of those questions that is hard to answer.  And if there is an artist who doesn’t contemplate the answer to that question, I’m not sure I trust them.

It was so encouraging to sit in a room with graphic designers, a stylist, web designer, interior designer, small business owner and furniture maker and exchange ideas and things that work/don’t work. Maybe later, if there is interest, I’ll post some of our thoughts for you here.

With that said, let’s get real, we get to do what we love AND get paid for it.  A bit unreal if you ask me.

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