Julie&Thomas: Invitations

We are SO proud of this piece and are so excited to share the process with you.  Julie and Thomas came to us with a rough idea about what they wanted and didn’t want.  After leaving our first meeting with a Surfer magazine and ideas swarming, Jeff Neckers–our lead, and only, designer and artistic director on this piece–and I brainstormed all the fun possibilities.  I think it is fun to show you the creative process, so here is the inspiration Jeff designed that we worked off of:

Julie and Thomas love to surf–and loved the idea of giving their guests a glimpse of their perspective from sitting on their boards in the water.  They wanted their invites to be fun, casual, yet beautiful.  They were some of the best people to work with when it came to changes.  They made it SO easy for us to customize the designs to make sure it was “THEM”.

The next piece created was their Save the Date.  To make it unique and special, we used a picture that was taken when Thomas proposed.  I’m not sure where the ring was–but he proposed after they had just come in from surfing.

The piece consisted of 4 pieces–the main invitation and 3 smaller pieces that nestled in a pocket on the back.  The three cards:  RSVP postcard, directions and accommodations were stacked heights so you could see them together.  The idea of the back pocket turned out beautifully and avoided having to use another method for putting the pieces together.  Let’s be honest, stuffing a pocket with a card is way easier than tying twine or ribbon around the pieces!

Congrats Julie & Thomas!  And congrats to Jeff Neckers for another amazing design creation!

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