Melanie and Thomas’ California Winery Wedding

We love working with designers.  Melanie and Thomas were especially special.  They have been together for 13 years, have two amazing boys and somehow found an amazing balance of DIY/classy/romantic/casual wedding.  Melanie writes more from her perspective on what she learned on her blog here.  Here’s some pictures from their amazing wedding.

I’ll be honest with you—when I first heard that there would be no fresh flowers and all paper flowers, the florist in me cringed a little.  However, I learned a valuable lesson that when DIY things are well done and well planned out, it can look amazing.  It’s all about the vision and execution.  I was so pleasantly surprised how cohesive, simple and classy Melanie’s vision ended up being.  I honestly didn’t even notice that there weren’t fresh flowers!

My brother and sister-in-law came to be my assistants/DJ with me which was fun.  My brother was more stressed about his role of pressing play and called me three times to ask what he should wear.  Luckily, his wife Jenn was able to calm him down because I think he was more nervous than the bride and groom!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking—wait, they’re beautiful, fun, relaxed AND they both play music?  Yes, yes it’s true. They also speak multiple languages.

Congrats Melanie and Thomas!  So blessed to be a part of your special day!