New Pictures of….us?

Well, the time has come….we had to get professional photos taken.  Who better to take photos of me and my NEW assistant Monica**, than my PAST assistant REBECCA!  You might remember Rebecca from being a killer assistant—or maybe from her stunning wedding we got to do a few months ago.  She’s headed off to the big leagues to work with our dear friends, Aim and Arrow.  That’s right, folks, Aim and Arrow is back in the Bay Area!

So without further ado, I give you beautiful pics from the most uncomfortable hour of my life:

**Meet Monica!!!  She’s the best.  Her wedding was one of our first weddings we got to coordinate!  You’ll see her at weddings with me, driving the shortbus, carrying bouquets to brides and being on her toes.  When she’s not working, she’s either in school, surfing with her hubby or taking selfies.

Obviously, you can tell we can’t take a photoshoot of ourselves too seriously.  Especially when we tried to recreate the epic, “Reb and Alison pic” that has swept the nation with feel-good vibes of friendship.  Pretty sure we NAILED IT!

Thanks Aim and Arrow!  We love you and you were so fun to take pictures with!