Nicholas and Rebecca: AKA Nich and Reb

Friends.  Married.  Beautiful.  Here are the pictures.  They couldn’t stop smiling and now I can’t stop smiling looking at them smiling.  I’m going to start a petition for brides and grooms to smile more in pictures.

They stood like that THE WHOLE WEDDING.  I loved it. I also loved getting to be a guest!

The homeowners wanted to put the horses away.  We said NO WAY.

Homemade cakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and Mary’s Cookies!  A skate ramp for the bros the play on, the world’s BEST flower girl and the world’s best PARENTS!  It seems like I use the term “world’s best” a lot, but I assure you, I don’t.

Floral Design: Wylie Weddings

Venue:  Private residence in Santa Cruz Mountains

Photography:  Aim and Arrow

Coordination:  Katy Reed

Rentals:  Alexis Party Rentals

Photobooth:  Photoworks

Coffee:  Story Coffee Company