Top 5 Forgotten Items

When you mix a bride, groom and the letters DIY, there are bound to be forgotten items.  Here are my top 5 items that the bride/groom have forgotten about in their planning process:

1.  ICE!!!  (who will get it?  we need ice? )

2.  Bottle Openers (crucial–the whole “hitting the bottle against a wall in a shoe” concept takes a REALLY long time)

3.  Trash Cans/Trash Bags (“oh my gosh, i didn’t even think of that!”)

4.  Lighters (both the actual fire lighters and figuring out who will light candles!!)

5.  How are we getting there?

So there you go.  You should take that list as “the 5 reasons to hire a day of coordinator”–because those are the types of things we catch!

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