Weeds : Inspiration Shoot

When the Wylie Weddings Team first decided to come together as a collective, we just KNEW that we wanted to do some fun inspiration shoots. This was our first one together and we can’t stop looking at the pictures.

Inspiration: I (Katie) am constantly inspired by the landscape around me. I love going for walks around the neighborhood and analyzing how I would convert it into a wedding venue. When I go for walks at the beach, I usually look at the houses I’m walking by instead of the ocean–thinking about how I would landscape the place, looking at new flowers or shrubs that could be converted into wonderful displays. This shoot was inspired solely based upon the location. We had no thoughts of our own going into it–but let the location speak for itself. We actually ended up using mostly items that were found at the site.

Location: When we started talking about this inspiration shoot, I knew exactly where I wanted to go! Near a beach that I walk by all the time I discovered a secret trail that led to the most amazing location for a photoshoot. There were almost TOO many options of different pictures to take. We knew we would have to find a fun, creative couple to be our models to be able to truly utilize the space.

Floral: I really did not want to bring outside flowers or decorations to the space. I think weeds and grasses can be so incredibly beautiful and I wanted to work with what was there to enhance the natural beauty as opposed to detract from it. The theme I kept repeating was “RAW”. I actually drove around looking for weeds that I liked and then cut them down off the side of the road. The white flowers are balsa wood flowers that we brought in–but other than that, all the floral was found around the location the day before. Adding a bit of twine and exposed stems really added to the raw feel of the bouquet. The hairpiece and boutonniere were made out of the same weeds and balsa wood flowers. The best part? Those pieces are still just as beautiful in my home now!

Desserts: Amy really outdid herself on this one. We hadn’t really planned on eating it ourselves so we didn’t quite come prepared. But everything was SO good that we had to eat. After the shoot (okay, I ate some during the shoot) we dug in with our dirty hands and ate up everything (and then had a food fight…because…why not?)

Graphic Design: One of our Wylie Weddings designers jumped on the task of creating a simple invite and menu card for this shoot. Keeping with the simplicity and raw nature of the shoot, Jeff did an amazing job bringing some elegance to the shoot without being a distraction.

Our Models: Jonathan and Jamie (Miss Pomp of PompandCircumstance.wordpress.com) were the perfect subjects! Not only are they in love, they were truly blessed with good looks and a love for modeling! Seriously, how many guys can you find that are comfortable doing whatever we ask them? Actually, we didn’t have to ask them to do much–they just did it. It came so naturally and we all had so much fun.

Highlights: I REALLY wanted a shot of dandelions being blown so I went on a solo off-roading adventure in my flip flops to gather dandelions (not a good idea). When I thought I heard a snake I freaked out (naturally) and started panicking, soon to discover that my foot was caught in a berry bush and that if you start running in that situation it will surely make you bleed. Everyone came running when they heard me yelling BUT it was totally worth it, right? Also, it was almost raining the evening we did the shoot. We were all SO cold, especially Jamie in her dress, but we were all such happy campers (even when we made Jamie & Jonathan climb a tree and lay down in a wet grassy field). This inspiration shoot was so much fun … we’re looking forward to the next one! (Photos taken by Erica)

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