Weekly Floral Design

Hi Friends:  Katie here.  I spent all evening sorting through my google reader.  I can proudly announce that I currently have NO unread blog posts.  What a RELIEF!  In preparation for our PROM boutonnieres and corsage mania we are entering into, I made a bunch of prototypes to photograph.  With the extra flowers I decided to spruce up the living room.  During Christmas, I hung this wood piece and had ornaments hanging on it.  Just a few weeks ago (cough. march. cough), the ornaments got taken down.  This week it looks like this:

Oh, and the highlight of my day today was when I was working at Verve and in walks some of my favorite people, The Stubblefield Family (including Miss Erica Sergio, our Wylie Weddings photographer).  I got to play and dance to hip hop with my new best friend, Emrie Kent Stubblefield:

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